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During the 2020 Corona Virus/Covid-19 Pandemic, the owner and the rest of the world were confined to their homes for months.  There was not much leisure and the owner of Kiss Spa started to feel the void of human contact.  She needed a kiss, in the most innocent and self-caring way.  She needed to kiss her heart, her soul, her body (Yes, Corona added pounds to her shape!).  She knew that if she needed to pay herself some attention there had to be thousands of women that were also neglecting self-care.  She decided to create the environment that we all need;  an escape from reality, a place to relax, to nurture your body on the inside and out, a place to center your soul and an exotic experience all while in the busy city of Chicago.  


Our haven in the midst of Chicago’s busy streets, awaits you with  yoni thrones, mimosas, top med equipment and an unforeseen fortress to help you relax, revitalize and invigorate your entire being in mind, body and spirit.



Remember to prioritize yourself.  We have to ensure we are internally full in order to pour into others. Treat yourself to some luxurious self-care.  Experience pampering on another level at Kiss Spa.  The best equipment, best products, and best results. You deserve a Kiss!

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